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Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization

Donka Web Services

Donka Design & is an all in one website & Graphics Design Company at affordable prices.

Donka Website Design

Sell your items online with an E-Shop or Advertise Your Services , Weather your an Accountent or a Plumber , We cover them All. 

Donka Graphics Design & Branding

Corporate Design, Graphics Branding , Logo Design. Design Work to cover all your needs. 

Donka Application Design 

Job Booking , Invoiceing, Appointments, Accounting Online Applications Design

Website Design 

Not just your Simple Website Design Company. 
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Project summary: Outlines the general overview of the project, organizational background, the environment the organization exists in, the people the organization serves and the unique value it provides to its audience.
Goals: What are two or three specific measurable goals that the site should achieve? Clear goals allow the Web team the ability to focus on what will provide the most impact and move the organization forward.
Target audiences: Who will help the organization achieve its stated goals? Most organizations speak to multiple organizations (such as customers, stakeholders, internal audience, suppliers, partners, shareholders and/or government institutions). Audience profiles include demographics, psychographics, brand perceptions, audience needs, online goals and tasks routinely performed.
Messages: What are the key messages that attract and motivate key audiences to engage with the organization? What are the key brand messages that help differentiate the organization from its peers?
Competition: Who are rival organizations that provide similar offerings to your audience? Include an overview of competitive organizations’ Web sites, considering visual branding, messaging, navigation, calls to action and key differentiators. 

Corporate Design Process

Corporate Design, Graphics Branding , Logo Design. Watch the Video to find out More

Here are a few ways to get the creative juices flowing:

Brainstorm: Get together with a group and throw around any and all ideas.
Visit a museum: Get inspired by the originals.
Read a book: Something as seemingly insignificant as a color or shape in a graphic design book could spark a completely original idea.
Take a walk: Get outside and watch the world; nature is the original source of inspiration. People-watching can generate a host of ideas, too.
Draw: Even if you don't draw professionally, doodle some ideas on a page.

Once you have some ideas for the project, it's time to start creating a structured layout. 

Website Design

Starting Price
  • £499+ Simply Business
  • £599+ Word Press Site
  • £700+ E-Commerce
  • £1000+ Fully Custom

Graphics Design & Branding

Starting Price
  • £50+ Logo Deisgn
  • £60+ Leaflet Design
  • £300+ Branding Design

Online Application Design 

Starting Price
  • £500+ Invoicing 
  • £1000+ Job Booking 
  • £500+ management
  • £5000+ Custom 

+ indicates that there are other costs involved such as Hosting Cost ( Yearly / Monthly Basis ) or Depending your requirements there maybe a extra cost involved.
Custom : Fully Designed & Made to Your Requirements & is unique. 

"Complete Business Website Design & Print Solution by
Donka Business Websites are built to a high standerd with organic SEO to help you get found with less costs to advertise and more google and search engine friendly layout and setup. Complete Business Website Design by Donka means the complete package ( Domain name, Hosting, SEO, Emails, Backups ) so you don't need any one else. Supported by"  

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Business ideas with a number of extra minds. Donka Experience included

Cloud computing on all devices. Super Fast Servers and backups Included 

Cost effective management to get the website / online app done

Delivering the full complete package with one contact.

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